The BMW X5 xDrive35i Offers The Right Balance of Performance

When vetting your next luxury SUV or crossover, chances are you’re looking for the whole premium experience, and not just technology and leather seats. Luckily for you, that benchmark of upscale comes standard in every BMW. If you’re looking at the X5 and wonder how a Bavarian SUV could muster performance fun, AutoGuide has the skinny.

The X5 is offered in everything from baseline Bavarian fun to “absolute insanity” in the form of the X5 M. But AutoGuide wisely notes that not everyone is looking for 500+ horsepower from their SUV. That’s where the xDrive35i comes in. With AWD, 300 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque, it has plenty of power for whatever you need it to do. With the taut handling dynamics that are the hallmark of every BMW well in hand, it can be both fun and tossable, while also compliant and comfortable.

Watch the clip above to see just how the X5 strikes that winning balance. If you want to learn more, a visit to our BMW dealership in Portland, OR and sign up for a test drive with the X5, or any other model that speaks to your tastes.

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