Sell Us Your Car at BMW of Portland

Value Your Trade with Kelley Blue Book (KBB)

In the best interest of your future car buying endeavors, we recommend selling us your old car for cash.  Valuing your trade and selling your car with KBB is the best way to extract maximum value for what your car is truly worth.  Whether you drive a luxury BMW sedan, a classic antique sports car, or an old pickup truck, we'll gladly help you value your trade and pay you cash for your car in Portland, OR!

Get Paid Maximum Value

Determining the value of a vehicle is a tricky operation that requires a specialized touch and extensive knowledge of the craft.  Thankfully, here at BMW of Portland, our expert valuation team is certified to help you get maximum value for your trade-in.  Using KBB's industry-leading Instant Cash Offer Tool, we work to extract maximum value and pay you in cash for what your car is worth on the same day.

Benefits of Shopping at BMW of Portland

Here at BMW of Portland, we're a luxury automotive facility with a propensity to help drivers like you afford something new.  Whether you're in the market for a new high-end luxury BMW or you're not interested in buying something new right away, our sales can help you value your trade and apply your trade-in value accordingly.

Additional benefits to selling us your car at BMW of Portland include:

  • Peace of mind and transparency during the selling process
  • We work to extract maximum value for your trade-in
  • Kickstart the process online and complete most of the process remotely
  • Apply your trade-in equity directly to something new to get the best offer on new luxury vehicles in Portland, OR
  • And more

Contact Us to Learn More

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of selling us your car, please call or contact us online at BMW of Portland.  Get paid in cash for what your car is worth using KBB's trusted valuation tool and know you're getting the best price when you contact us today!