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Follow These Tips to Keep Your Engine from Overheating

When a vehicle's engine overheats, it signals an immediate need to have the car looked at and serviced. Typically, your vehicle will run just fine and then suddenly start to feel like it's breaking down. If you begin to see steam coming from your engine, it's overheated.

Many things can cause your car's engine to overheat. A leak, either in your vehicle's water pump or elsewhere in your cooling system, is a common cause of engine overheating. A blockage in your cooling system will prevent it from adequately circulating air, causing your vehicle's engine…

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The BMW X5 xDrive35i Offers The Right Balance of Performance

When vetting your next luxury SUV or crossover, chances are you’re looking for the whole premium experience, and not just technology and leather seats. Luckily for you, that benchmark of upscale comes standard in every BMW. If you’re looking at the X5 and wonder how a Bavarian SUV could muster performance fun, AutoGuide has the skinny.

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BMW Builds the Hybrid Supercar from the Future: AutoGuide Reviews the 2016 i8

The 2016 BMW i8 is an otherworldly automobile, particularly under the hood. With four-seats, carbon fiber construction, a mid-mounted three-cylinder engine, two transmissions and a pair of electric motors, the i8 represents auto engineering on the edge of envelope. But according to a new review in AutoGuide, the i8 is a glimpse at the not-so-distant future of hybrid performance supercars.

A lot of cars on the road today claim to have a unique or cutting edge drivetrain, but with the i8, it’s absolutely true. Sitting midbody is a turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine paired...

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BMW Introduces Hybrid 3-Series: CNET's Reviews New 2017 330e

BMW has been an industry leader in working on new hybrid technology, but the Bavarian automaker's have been slow to introduce these new technologies into the market. Now comes the new 2017 330e, an extremely fuel-efficient version of BMW's iconic 3-Series. CNET's Roadshow has the review.

The 330e is powered by an 87-horsepower electric motor paired with a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine; together the two produce 248 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque.

Perhaps the most impressive use of technology in the 330e is how the navigation system communicates with the drivetrain...

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Charging On the Go Can be Quick and Easy

When folks come in looking for an electric vehicle (EV), one of the concerns we hear most at BMW Portland is the fear of not finding adequate charging options when out and about. Well, if you fall into that camp, this next video is for you. It features Lou, a real-life owner of the all-electric BMW i3, and he explains how easy it is to charge your EV on the go.

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What’s the Big Difference Between New and Certified Pre-Owned BMW?

The biggest difference between a new BMW model and a Certified Pre-Owned BMW vehicle is the price tag; a Certified Pre-Owned BMW model is an exceptional value, and it looks and drives just like new, the only way others will know it isn’t brand new is if you tell them. For anyone in the Portland area interested in precision German engineering, elegant styling, and luxury appintments, all at a price to be envied, come see us at BMW Portland, located on 2001 SW Jefferson.

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Keep your BMW Running 'like new' in Portland

When your Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) BMW looks and runs like new, you're going to want to keep it that way.  When you purchase a CPO vehicle, you are buying much more than a wonderful, high-performing car -- you're making an investment in security.  With each CPO BMW, you can expect it to have been thoroughly inspected, deliver uncompromised performance and to come with a best-in-class warranty.  And when a car looks and feels this…

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BMW 7 Series Has Executive Lounge

Here in Portland, OR, there are plenty of people who would love the idea of climbing into the backseat of their vehicle, the seat reclines, a footrest comes out, and you can relax. Well, that's a reality with the BMW 7 Series, which comes with Rear Executive Lounge Seating.

An available package on the new BMW 7 Series, it certainly adds a new layer to luxury in the full-sized sedan, packed with many other…

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Up Your Performance with BMW "M" Parts from BMW Portland

Aerodynamics. Drivetrain. Cockpit. Chassis. Every inch of every new BMW model is carefully and painstakingly engineered to offer the best in power, performance, efficiency, and head-turning style.

But, with BMW M Performance Parts, your ultimate driving machine becomes so much more. It becomes the ultimate playground. See for yourself.

BMW M performance parts and accessories are available for nearly every section of your BMW sedan, convertible, SUV, or coupe. So keep it low-key or take…

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Sneak-Peek of the All-New BMW 7 Series

At BMW, it is believed that the best way to predict the future is to create it.  And, that's exactly what they've done with the all-new 7-series.  Currently, the details of the top-secret series are far and few between, but we've managed to get some information about the design that will change the way that drivers view luxury.  Take a look at the video below to be one of the first to…

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