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Choose the BMW 5 Series When Searching for a Luxury Sedan

If you are looking for a mid-size sedan to help you get about in Portland, consider the BMW 5 Series. BMW provides you with a popular vehicle option that is set up with many great features.

The BMW 5 Series provides you with a comfortable interior so that you and your passengers can all enjoy the trips that you take in this sedan. You can easily maneuver the BMW 5 Series because of the balanced way that the vehicle is put together.

If you are searching for a sedan that will help you feel both confident and comfortable when you…
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Overview of BMW X Models

The luxury SUV market has grown exponentially in recent years, popular for its ability to provide sport utility with a softer side. Upholding its long history of engineering excellence matched with quality interior upgrades, BMW's entry into the SUV market is the sleek and sporty X Series.

Built for rugged dependability with a luxurious aesthetic, the BMW X Series offers drivers a breathtaking 456 horsepower at its top range for tackling any kind of conditions the road provides. All-wheel drive allows for adhering to the road in any kind of weather, while a spacious cargo bay...

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Are You In Need Of A Sporty Coupe?

Sometimes the vehicle that you desire is not the all-purpose vehicle built to get multiple people around, but rather something a bit more stylish and sporty. A 2-door coupe or coupe convertible fits those who require a bit more pizzazz as the navigate around town. The BMW 2 series of vehicles has you covered if this is what you're looking for.

There is so much to get excited about with the BMW 2 series of vehicles. The pinnacle vehicle in the series, the M240i xDrive coupe, features a powerful 325 HP that'll get you from 0-60 in 4…
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Overview of the BMW i Models

Aiming to provide drivers with high performance electric cars that also offer classic luxury features, BMW has two submissions for the luxury electric vehicle market. Both give drivers an all-electric car that still delivers the BMW performance that they expect.

The BMW i3 is a compact and peppy two-door model with a carbon fiber chassis that keeps the car light and strong. The interior boasts ecologically sustainable materials throughout, as well as offering cutting edge technology features found in other BMW models. 

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Maximum Choices with the BMW 4 Series

Nobody knows luxury like the experts at BMW. The highly customizable 4 Series gives drivers the choice of a coupe, four-door, or convertible model. Offering an outstanding standard of performance, the 4 Series sports the patented BMW TwinPower Turbo engine delivering up to 320 horsepower. The unparalleled power boasts a 0-60 time of as fast as 4.6 seconds. The available LED headlights combine with standard LED fog lights to give off an extra light when needed in hazardous driving conditions. The distinct LED rear lights add an additional layer of expert styling. 

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Dynamic Drive Control and BMW 6 Series Athleticism

Many so-called performance car manufacturers put out vehicles that are long on power but very short on adaptability. Unlike such vehicles, the BMW 6 Series of sports cars provide drivers and passengers with a number of systems designed to cater to their specific tastes and needs. One such system is called Dynamic Drive control.

The Dynamic Drive system brings together several proprietary BMW stabilization systems and settings to provide both experienced and inexperienced drivers with enhanced control. 

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BMW 3 Series Cars Are Very Efficient

When the BMW 3 Series was built, many engineers included intelligent hardware to enhance performance and efficiency. One of the new features is the 50/50 weight distribution frame, which gives the automobile very efficient suspension tools and steering abilities.

While on the road, a BMW 3 Series vehicle relies on an engine that generates 320 horsepower. All information about MPH, gas usage, and oil levels can be monitored in the cabin on the full-color display panel. Also, since iDrive is wired with various cabin tools, you can configure certain options according to your driving habits.

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Explore the BMW 5 Series in Portland

In the midsized sedan market there are many options for luxury vehicles. Some people do not want the stress of having a large vehicle and opt for something more in the middle. This makes parking easier, storage, and is great for mileage. The 5 Series manages to have all of the creature comforts of larger cousins while not being a land boat.

A standout set of features for the 5 Series is the hardcore safety protection. Very few vehicles in this class have anything comparable to the 5 Series standard safety features. All of the same features that are on…

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How to Replace a Flat Tire

Have you noticed your tire looks a little flat or are you getting tire pressure warnings? You don't want to ignore a tire that continuously goes flat. You should have some tools in your trunk to help you remove the tire and place a spare, or you can purchase a can of Fix-A-Flat if you are in a pinch.

Replacing a flat tire requires a lug wrench, spare tire, and a jack. All three are very important. You also want to have wheel wedges that you can place on your wheels before removing the tire to keep your car…

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How to Identify Trouble with Hoses and Belts in Your Car

If you can identify a potential failure with the hoses and belts in your car, you'll be in a better position to avoid serious trouble.

There are a number of belts on the car that is responsible for powering things like the water pump or the radiator fan. If you can hear squeaking from these areas, you want to get a mechanic on the job because if the belt snaps, you lose the ability for those parts to work.

The hoses have to allow engine coolant to travel from the radiator to the engine block and back. 

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