Get Your Windshield Chip Repaired and Save Money in the Long Run

While there are many things you can put off in life, fixing the chip on your windshield should not be considered one of them. You never know when a rock is going to fly up and damage your windshield. It might not be in your line of vision, but that does not mean it shouldn't be fixed right away.

BMW Portland can tell you that you will want to get your chipped windshield repaired soon after that incident occurs. If you wait, that little chip can spread throughout the entire windshield. At the point, it can no longer be repaired and a replacement will need to be installed.

Replacing a windshield is expensive. However, repairing a chipped windshield is not. This can often be done for $40-$50. You may also want to call your insurance agent, as the cost to repair a chipped windshield is often covered. You won't even have to pay a deductible in many cases.


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