How To Perfect Apply Touch Up Paint

No driver wants to own a car that's marred by countless chips and dings. Quality paint and an impressive finish don't just look good; they're also essential for preventing various forms of structural damage, like rust. At BMW Portland, we want locals to know how to perfectly apply touch up paint so that their cars are always protected, and always looking their very best.

Use The Factory Color Code To Choose Your Touch Up Paint

For a flawless and aesthetically beautiful finish, you want to order touch up paint that blends seamlessly into the the car's existing finish. You can usually find the factory color code right near the vehicle's VIN number on the dash. In some cases, it may be printed on the core support for the radiator or on the firewall. If all else fails, check your owner's manual for important ordering information.

Prepare The Targeted Area Before Getting Starting

As with all paint projects, touching up the paint on your auto requires a little prep work. Take the time to inspect the chips and scratches that you'll be treating. If bare metal is exposed in any areas, this may be a job that's best left in the hands of qualified professionals. Drop by BMW Portland today for reliable auto servicing and to get expert assistance in repairing paint chips, scratches, and other blemishes.


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