What Winter Tires Can You Choose?

Driving in the winter comes with scores of hazards. Having the right tires, ones capable of dealing with snow and ice, may improve traction and safety. Just as there are many different cars, there are different winter tires.

Studdable tires have the option to add metal studs. The studs aren't for looks, though. They increase traction, especially in ice. The tires work on snow without studs, but won't be as effective on icy roads when minus the studs. Studless ice and snow tires might not fit the metal studs, but they are designed for severely harsh winter conditions.

Performance winter tires were initially designed to travel down European highways. The tires are intended for clear and open-road driving. They lack the traction of the other two tires. Consider the tires suited for areas with little snow.

If you want help with choosing tires, we have many at BMW Portland. Our service department pros can install the tires, too.


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