The BMW 3 Series is a popular luxury sedan or wagon that drives down the road with futuristic comfort, safety, and performance. If you are in the Portland area and looking for a speedy commuter, or efficient road trip vehicle that is well suited for the highway, come into our dealership where you can have a closer look at the BMW 3 Series.

Whether it's the wagon or the sedan that you choose, you are going to like driving in the 3 Series, there's no doubt about it. With a 0-60 mph in 5.3 seconds and an output of 255 horsepower, the M340i engine puts you in turbocharged power to take more control over the road in your everyday driving.

If you're looking for even higher performance, you can choose the M340i model, which has enhanced M Sport Brakes, M Sport Suspension, and M Sport Differential. To experience it for yourself, take the 3 Series for a test drive today at BMW Portland.



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