How to Identify Trouble with Hoses and Belts in Your Car

If you can identify a potential failure with the hoses and belts in your car, you'll be in a better position to avoid serious trouble.

There are a number of belts on the car that is responsible for powering things like the water pump or the radiator fan. If you can hear squeaking from these areas, you want to get a mechanic on the job because if the belt snaps, you lose the ability for those parts to work.

The hoses have to allow engine coolant to travel from the radiator to the engine block and back. If the hoses are bloated or squishy, they could be close to bursting, and you want them replaced before they fail on the road and you are left with an overheating engine.

If you suspect trouble with the car's belts or hoses, stop by BMW Portland so we can inspect or replace them accordingly.



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