BMW Goes Electric With New i Model Series

BMW now offers two electric cars in their i Model series. These are luxury EV models, as one would expect from a premium brand like BMW. The i3 is a compact hatchback with 2 regular doors and 2 half doors. The i8 is a performance sports car. It comes in the form of a coupe or the Roadster with removable top.

Both vehicles offer excellent performance from their all-electric engines. They produce upwards of 420 lb-ft of torque for amazing acceleration. They are super fast off the line. The electric engines operate smoothly and are extremely quiet.

At BMW Portland, we want you to be informed when considering an electric vehicle. Charging can be done at one of over 44,000 stations nationwide. You can also use what BMW calls an occasional-use cord. If that's not enough, they can even install a permanent charging station in your home or garage.



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