BMW 7 Series: Ride In Luxury

​Have you seen the latest from BMW 7 series? The latest models are all new with the maximum amount of trims possible, excellent base power, and lots of extravagant options. On the outside, the BMW 7 series has also received a major upgrade to its head lamps, aerodynamic body, and tires.

Drivers remark that the BMW 7 series is a sleek ride with a comfortable, super luxurious driving experience. However, they may also not know that the BMW 7 series has a set of new safety sensors and cameras, making it one of the safer super luxury cars on the market. In fact, its highest rating is in safety, mostly because of the blind spot monitoring, lane correct assist, and traffic warnings.

The technology has also been upgraded from the previous BMW 7 series. Now there are new infotainment features, as well as access to responsive vehicle diagnostics. Fuel efficiency hasn’t suffered at all with the new models, especially with BMW’s xDrive, which allows you to switch between different drive trains. You can test drive a new BMW 7 series at BMW Portland.



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